My sister Shai and I were raised by two remarkable women, Eunice Spellman Holsaert, my Jewish mother by birth, and Charity Abigail Bailey, my mother by affection who was African American. At age four, I fell in love with Charity who was my nursery school music teacher. I spoke of nothing else. When my parents went to their first PTA meeting, they said, “Faith wants you to come live with us,” and that is what happened.

The picture of Eunice was taken by my sister’s friend Mehli Gobhai in my mother’s apartment where she was living alone after my sister had moved to India and I to New Mexico. The picture of Charity was taken in Haiti, where we all lived when I was seven.

We four lived together in Greenwich Village in the 1940s and 1950s. At the end of their lives my mother Eunice lived around the corner from Charity who had married. Eunice died in 1974 and Charity in 1979.